Tight and Keep

Glue systems are designed for use in continuous panel lines for bonding metal sheet to EPS, Mineral Wool and Glass Wool substrates in the production of laminated panels.

Everything is perfect

Suitable for Sound & Heat insulation! Board systems can be faced with a wide variety of materials including paper, aluminum, kraft, fiberglass, gypsum, perlite, oriented strand board (OSB), and fiberboard.

Compact and Solidly

S/W Panel systems are widely used in the insulation layer of workshop, prefabricated houses and common building. This system is suitable to apply on variety matrix surface, such as steel, fiber cement coil material, decoration material, etc.

Don’t worry even in Bad weather

Roof panel system is completely insulated roofing panel and designed to counter tropical weather in Southeast Asia or other climates. It has a completed insulation system made up of 3 layers, consisting of a layer of rigid polyurethane foam in between an exterior profiled metal roofing sheet and interior fire retardant PVC paper or aluminum foil. These insulated roof panels are outstanding at high insulation characteristic and its light weight.

Complete Blocking

Insulation system series is suitable for manufacturing electric products requiring excellent insulating performance such as refrigerator, showcase, and vending machine.

Everywhere without Omission

Spray system series are premium, high-yield, spray polyurethane foam for building and shipbuilding (LPG, LNG) insulations. The faster, easier and adaptable, it can be applied to temperatures as low as -7°C. Our spray systems are well suited for residential, commercial, industrial and shipbuilding applications.

Whenever Wherever

Bike roads, apartment complexes, landscaping, parking lots, walking trails, pedestrian overpass, interior & exhibition pavement, square pavement, school pavement, etc. It is really possible to pave it in various places at any time. It does not need any water and does not smell, so it is possible to install it safely and comfortably.